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A Challenge to St. Rose Community

Thursday, September 27, 2018

We are blessed to announce that the Faith In Action capital campaign has just received a challenge grant for $50,000 from an anonymous donor.

This grant will not only double the impact of cash gifts given to the campaign between now and November 3rd, 2018 up to $50,000, but it will also award one campaign donor with naming rights valued at $50,000. In order to receive this grant, the donor has challenged the community of St. Rose of Lima to increase participation in this campaign to 50%. To date, only 17% of registered households within this community have given.

Here are the details of this challenge grant:

  • All gifts and pledges count towards the participation goal of 50%
  • Only cash gifts of $500 or more or pledges with a down payment of $500 or more, given between 9/26/2018 and 11/3/2018, will be eligible for the naming rights incentive.
  • Parish participation in the Faith In Action campaign must increase to include 50% of households by November 3rd in order for St. Rose to receive the $50,000 grant.

When asked for their reason for the challenge grant, which is being made on top of an initial campaign gift, the donor shared, "Our Parish is blessed with many treasures, the greatest of these are our children. Jesus said 'Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them…..' This is the ministry of St. Rose School, the mission of Faith in Action, and why we give to facilitate that journey."

We will be posting and updating our percentages each week to keep you up to date on how close we are to reaching our 50% participation goal!

If the challenge is met, the naming rights to be awarded on November 3rd at our campaign celebration, The Time Is Now.

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community, do you accept this challenge?

This photo represents two groups of people in our community. Those who have given and those who still have the opportunity to join this effort. The small stack of legos contains 444 bricks, one for each family who has given to our Faith In Action campaign as of 9/27/18. The larger stack are all those who still have the opportunity to join us! That stack contains more than 2,100 bricks! Where is your brick?


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