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Friday, August 31, 2018

The time-honored tradition of children setting up a table at the end of their driveways to peddle cups of ice-cold Country Time to passersby has made a huge impact on our community of St. Rose of Lima. When the idea struck in late July, the Faith In Action Campaign Committee had no idea the excitement and success which would come from something as simple as a Lemonade Stand.

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community posed a challenge to all of the parish, school and ECC children to host their own lemonade stands during the weekend of August 18-19 in support of our new education building. What happened next was nothing short of amazing.

Ninety-nine children registered to host lemonade stands.They spanned 35+ different locations from right here in Garden Oaks to as far away as New Braunfels, TX.Each stand’s concept the creative invention of its host, with distinctive lemonade flavors, homemade cookies and one even offered hot dogs!

Neither the seasonably hot weather, nor the competition of so many simultaneous stands, dampened the spirits of our lemonade hosts.Encouraged by visits from our own Fr. Rafa, school principal, Mrs. Drabek, and several other members of our faculty, donations and sales soared far above anyone’s expectations.

When all was said and done, efforts by these community children resulted in more than $10,000 with additional funds still coming in thanks for corporate match donations!

Beyond the monetary success of our Lemon-aid for St. Rose weekend, we hope each and every member of our community can take from this a bit of inspiration to put their own Faith In Action.


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