A Campaign for Growing the St. Rose of Lima Family

What is Faith In Action?
St. Rose of Lima has launched the Faith In Action Capital Campaign to raise $4.5 million in funds to support the construction of our new Education Building.
Why has the message about the campaign timeline changed?
The past few months, action with respect to our capital campaign has been slowed. This was due to the fact that we were in dialogue with the Archdiocese over the question of how much cash would be needed for St. Rose to begin construction. Hurricane Harvey created a need within the Archdiocese to direct their financial support and attention to those parishes and schools devastated during the storm. Our project, while important, does not hold the same urgency, and they have asked us to bear the responsibility of raising 50% of the construction costs prior to breaking ground. We now need to move forward, unified and ready to invest and commit to this goal.
How much has been raised to date?
The Faith In Action capital campaign currently has $2,008,038, cash in hand from gifts and pledge payments made by 744 parish and school families, and an additional $1,380,331 still outstanding from additional pledges for a total committed of $3,388,369.

In addition to pledges and gifts made to our campaign, St. Rose of Lima has created earned income revenue streams that will allow funds from the ECC and school to support this effort, reducing the burden on our families.
How much money do we need?
St. Rose of Lima is seeking to raise approximately $4.5 million through the Faith in Action capital campaign. This amounts to 50% of the total construction costs, estimated to be $9 million, required in order to break ground on our Education Building. We are asking our parish families to give or pledge at a level that is significant to them, realizing that every gift is important. If 200 families commit at a level of $5,000 or $75 per month pledge for 5 years, we will reach our goal. Some have the ability to give more, while others may be stretching to give less. We cannot all give the same amount, but we can all make the same sacrifice.
How can I pledge or gift my support?
Support for our Faith In Action Capital Campaign can be given through pledges of 3-5 years or one-time gifts. There are many different ways to make your donation including gifts of cash, securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, real estate, planned gifts, and corporate matching gifts. For more information on the different ways in which you can give your support, please see our Types of Gifts page.
When do we need to make a commitment and do you need payment in full?
We are asking all families from the parish, school and ECC to make a pledge or gift to the campaign by the end of our fiscal year, June 30, 2019.

While cash in hand is important to our ability to begin construction, we feel strongly that each family should make a commitment that is significant for them, and for some that will mean pledging over 3-5 years. Please refer to our “budgeting your gift” chart to better understand the impact your monthly/quarterly/annual payment can make over time.
When will we start construction and how long will it take to finish?
Our goal is to advance the project swiftly to best serve our community. Construction will begin when 50% of the total construction costs, which are currently estimated at $9 million, have been identified. The ability for our community to come together in support of this effort will determine the start of our construction timeline. Once construction begins, the anticipated time frame is 12-18 months to completion.
What if I cannot afford a major gift?
Every gift counts and speaks to your support of our mission to make room for all at the table of the Lord through loving service. We only ask that each family prayerfully discern a gift or pledge that is personally significant and reflective of your investment in the St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community.

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