A Campaign for Growing the St. Rose of Lima Family

Dear Families of St. Rose,

St. Rose of Lima may have come from humble beginnings, with 110 parish households gathering to worship in the fire station on West 34th Street, but even in those earliest days, we were a vibrant, active and dynamic community.

Those founding families had a vision of a parish where they could grow in faith, educate and form their children, and serve their friends and neighbors in a spirituality of communion. This vision continues today, and with more than 2,500 parish households, over 50 ministries, and a school, CCE and ECC programs that are nearing capacity.
The history of any parish is built on the dreams of visionary people, willing to sacrifice in order to provide for generations to come. We have been given a gift by those that came before, and it is now our opportunity to sacrifice for the greater good.
I ask that everyone prayerfully consider the ways in which our hearts, hands, time and treasure can strengthen this campaign. Now it is time for us to put our Faith In Action so that we can live in the future we have been planning for so long.

Fr. Rafael Becerra
Pastor, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community

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