A Campaign for Growing the St. Rose of Lima Family


St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community has launched Faith In Action, a $9 million capital campaign to expand the facilities of our campus and grow the St. Rose family. This campaign will fund the construction of a 2‐story, 36,000 square foot education building. More than just adding to footprint of our community, this campaign seeks to support the unification of St. Rose to be a welcoming parish and school which is forming and educating it members, engaging participation and involvement in all areas of parish life and embracing the values of our faith as we make room for all at the table of the Lord.

History and Mission

Founded in 1947, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community began with a vision of its 100 founding parishioners. That vision was of a parish home where their families could gather in worship, enjoy the fellowship of community, receive God’s grace through the sacraments, and form their children in both faith and academics. We look to our past, and those 100 founding members, as we honor our future through continuing to build on this foundation of family.

Since 2010, we have been fulfilling our mission of “making room for all at the table of the Lord through loving service” with a focus for growth of our parish children. Providing them with a nurturing day care facility, an academically strong Christ‐centered school and spiritual formation program will move us towards the next generation of parish leadership, participating and involved on a stronger and deeper level.

St. Rose Today and the Need to Grow

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community is made up of more than 2,500 parishioner households. Education and Formation is the key to ensure that we grow as a community of lay ministers and Disciples of Christ. Our adult education programs touch the lives of nearly 700 participants annually. Enrollment at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School is currently 343 students, there are 227 children in our Early Childhood Center, and an additional 407 parish children are being formed in our CCE and Youth Ministry programs.

For the past seven years, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community has been strategically implementing a long‐range master plan to strengthen our sense of community, address growth opportunities and better serve our mission. More than $7 million worth of construction projects has been built and paid for, including:

With close to 1,700 members of our community engaged in education and formation outside of our regular Mass attendance, along with our 53 ministries, councils, boards actively promoting our mission, space limitations continue to be of challenges.

Facility challenges:


Expanding and Improving the St. Rose Campus

St. Rose of Lima has been in a stage of perpetual growth for nearly the past 10 years, and in 2016, our leadership revisited and revamped the original 2010 Master Plan. In collaboration with a sampling of parish, school and ECC families, we conducted a feasibility study in the Fall of 2016. The results of this study highlighted that our community supports building to expand and improve our campus.

With a combined goal of meeting the needs of today while preparing for tomorrow, the core of our campaign is a 2‐story, 36,000 square foot education building. A new education building will solve not only urgent space needs, but also allow us to continue building upon a strong foundation that has resulted in enrollment increases across all education and formation programs offered at St. Rose of Lima over the past 7 years.

The New Education Building will include:
Faith In Action: A Campaign for Growing the St. Rose of Lima Family

The completion of the 2016 Master Plan outlined both short and long‐term goals for our community. At that time, the total construction cost of completing the entire vision was established at $18 million. With such an ambitious total, it was decided to be in our parish’s and school’s best interest to phase‐in the effort with strategic implementation of the goals based on need and priority.

The new education building, the primary objective for the Faith In Action Campaign, is the largest component of the overall Master Plan with a cost of $9 million. With earned income strategies put into place during Phase II of the Legacy of Faith campaign, St. Rose established revenue streams to assist in planning for the future. With the ability to sustain a portion of our construction costs through earned income, St. Rose of Lima will be seeking to fundraise $4.5 million in supplemental capital to reach our total goal and move forward into construction.


We are seeking support from the entire St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community‐ parishioners, parents, alumni and friends of St. Rose. No gift is too small, and each one is significant to reaching our goals, but success will depend upon all of us discerning our best investment in the future of our parish family.

“God’s kingdom is the place of abundance where every generous act overflows its original bounds and becomes part of the unbounded grace of God at work in the world.”

– Henry Nouwen, A Spirituality of Fundraising

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