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Councils & Board

The Councils and Boards are an integral part of St. Rose Parish. Joining one of these teams is led through a discernment process that happens once per year. To learn more about the discernment process, please contact Deacon Ed Herrera at 713-691-9123.

  •  Pastoral Council

    The Pastoral Council’s primary role is to provide consultation to the pastor. Its charter calls for it to provide the proper environment to support and enable the spiritual growth of the parish and community, promote unity, enable the opportunity for growth in our faith and discern God’s will as individuals and as a parish. Council members are further called to promote active communication among clergy, staff and laity, be visibly involved in parish life, anticipate parish community needs through long-term planning and aid in the discovery and encouragement of sharing individual gifts and talents.

    Members, chosen through discernment, serve staggered three-year renewable terms. Any practicing Catholic, 16 years of age or older who has been registered in the parish for at least one year, is eligible to serve. Contact Kelly Gaines, Pastoral Council President, for more details.


    Kelly Gaines
    President, At-Large
    Ana Acevedo
    Hispanic Community
    Allen Brehm
    Formation & Spiritual Development
    Don Christen
    Building & Maintenance
    Noah Denson Men's Club
    Greg Getty
    Bruce Malcolm
    Youth & Young Adults
    Beckie Mir
    Service & Outreach
    Pat Montgomery
    Vice President, Altar Guild
    Lisa Mota-Johnston
    Hospitality Board
    Brett Owens
    Finance Council
    Eusebio Rivera, Jr.
    Secretary, At-Large
    Miriam Soria
    Hispanic Community 
    Chris Thornhill
    Rev. Rafael Becerra
    Emily Garcia
    Chris Hall
    Deacon Ed Herrera


  •  Finance Council

    Each parish is required to have a Finance Council, which is regulated by universal law and the norms issued by the Archdiocese. The duties of the Council include assisting the pastor in preparing the annual budget and the annual report of income and expenditures, regularly reviewing parish income and expense reports, and making recommendations for increasing revenue to meet parish and archdiocesan goals and priorities. Members also must be familiar with Archdiocesan fiscal policies and encourage support of Parish and Archdiocesan stewardship programs. Members are appointed by the pastor for staggered three-year renewable terms. For more information, please contact Finance Council President Brett Owens at 979-324-5099.

    Brett Owens, President 979-324-5099
     Alma Alanis
    David Cornelius 713-697-5597
    Carlo Dechiro 713-861-3167
    Mary Farmer 713-957-0474
    Christopher Marciano
    Marisa Thomas 713-808-9448
    Chuck Pearce, Ex-Officio 713-692-9123

  •  School Advisory Committee

    The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is an advisory body which exists to assist the Pastor and the Principal to identify and recommend policy to guide the educational needs, goals, and aspirations of St. Rose of Lima Catholic School and the School community.

    SAC meets formally once a month (except July and December) in the Administration Building. New members are brought on to SAC through the annual discernment process. For more information, please contact Deacon Ed Herrera or the current SAC president, Erica Falcomata.

    Erica Falcomata, President
    Jamie Bartula, Vice-President
    Jenny Thompson, Secretary
    Joan Ancy
    Patricia Dornak
    Josh Marek
    Anthony Neiser
    Adriane Schultea
    Brian Smith
    Jacob Wernitznig
    Rev. Rafael Becerra, Ex-Officio
    Bernadette Drabek, EX-Offico
    Deacon Ed Herrera, Ex-Officio

  •  Hospitality Board


    The Hospitality Board serves to welcome all parishioners to St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community. In addition, inform newcomers and existing parishioners about the many opportunities to use their gifts to become better stewards and contribute to the building of God’s kingdom on earth. The Board meets on the third Thursday of the month. Membership is by discernment. For more details, contact Hospitality Board Leader Lisa Mota-Johnston.


    Lisa Mota-Johnston, Leader
    Savannah Bazazzadeh
    Bessie Benefiel
    Jamie Bonderover
    Susie Cutaia
    Kelly Gaines
    Donna Lindsay
    Faye Marshall
    Beckie Mir
    Analisa Mota
    Anita Rodriguez
    Stephanie Torres
    Quynh Tran
    Dorothy Vetrano
    Mary Flores, Ex-Officio
    Emily Garcia, Ex-Officio

  •  Building and Maintenance Council

    This committee serves as a consultative body to the pastor to assist him in decisions regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the existing parish facilities and in the review, assessment, planning and implementation of all major construction and renovation projects, including ascertaining the long-range facility needs. The Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Membership is selected by discernment or appointed by the pastor. Contact Don Christen at 713-628-8177 for more information.

    Don Christen, President 713-628-8177
    Joe Fazzino 713-828-0799
    Bruce Marek 713-819-9506
    Oscar Montemayor
    Chuck Pearce
    Pete Rodriguez 713-826-2415
    Dave Russell 713-306-4892
    OT Garcia, Ex-Officio 713-692-9123
    Chris Hall
    Larry Hernandez
    Stef Tellier, Ex-Officio
  •  Early Childhood Center Committee

    The Early Childhood Center Committee is an advisory committee formed to assist the pastor and ECC Director in developing policies and addressing the needs of the Early Childhood Center. Its formation will give us the opportunity to have a positive dialog, explore varied inputs and differing perspectives and build bridges between Early Childhood Center, the school and the parish community. This committee will be a source for visioning and guiding the Early Childhood Center's future growth. Members of this committee are drawn from Early Childhood Center parents, council members and the parish community at large.

    Kristin Densen, President
    Linda Rovira
    Carmen Z. Urdaneta
    Carlo DeChiro
    Kasi Majeres
    Fr. Rafa Becerra, Ex-Officio
    Deacon Ed Herrera, Ex-Officio
    Lisa Weatherly, Ex-Officio




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