Making room for all at the table of the Lord through loving service

Pastoral Ministries

Ministry to the Bereaved
The Ministry to the Bereaved is a group of volunteers who offer assistance to the families of deceased parishioners. This work usually consists of contacting the families with a condolence call, working with family members in their meal preparations, providing servers, setting up the hall for funeral receptions, etc. The hope of this ministry is to “act as friends helping friends” in their time of need. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Contact Mary Farmer at 713-957-0474.

The Gathering
The Gathering is a safe and stimulating day of fun for people with special needs (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Dementia, shut-ins, etc.). Our theme-based “party” is held on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 10:00 am - 1:30 pm, while family and caregivers are given time off to rest or run errands after dropping off their guests. Parish volunteers are on hand to assist our guests with various activities. Our typical day starts with a sing-a-long or entertainment, followed by a theme-related craft, exercise like beach ball, volleyball, table basketball or the Hokey Pokey in our chairs. They are served a delicious lunch and eagerly await Bingo. Each activity is designed to stimulate either the mind, body or both. Contact Betty Markoski at 713-695-2331 or JoAnn Jones at 713-686-5087 to learn more.

Prayer Blanket
The mission of the Prayer Blanket Ministry is to provide prayers of relief to the suffering and sick of our community by making and distributing special individual lap-size blankets. These blankets convey our love and prayers to those in need. Volunteers can work as a group or individually in their own homes. Anyone with a basic knowledge of cutting and sewing fabric, and a desire to pray for those in need is welcome to become part of this ministry. Contact Dorothy Vetrano at 713-681-8316 to get involved.

Second Family
This ministry of love, hope and compassion provides practical support to members of the parish that are coping with chronic illnesses, as well as older members who are less able to be fully independent and self-sufficient. The team can help with errands, shopping, transportation or friendly visits. The parish social ministry also sponsors The Gathering, a monthly get-together for people with special needs, further described above. Contact JoAnn Jones at 713-686-5087 for more details.

S.T.A.R. (Stitching to Assist Recovery) assembles items that will be helpful to those who are recovering from cancer. There are no regular meetings or dues and sewing materials are provided at no expense to members. Members are needed to sew, cut patterns, prepare donated fabrics or deliver finished items to the American Cancer Society. Membership is open to anyone willing to share their time and talent in projects of love and care regardless of physical restrictions or sewing ability. Contact Jo Ann Thompson at 713-682-2835 for details.

We also encourage you to learn more about our Social Ministries and Liturgical Ministries.


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