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The Latin word sacramentum means "a sign of the sacred." The celebration of the seven sacraments, which were instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, are special occasions for experiencing God's saving presence. Learning more about a sacrament can help you more fully celebrate and appreciate the act itself.

The various points of contact for each sacrament are listed below.

Buscando Sacramentos

  •  Eucharist to the Sick
    The sacramental needs are met by a team of volunteers to those at home, the hospitals, and the nursing homes. We currently have a team that goes Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday to these locations and then as scheduled to homes. If you or a loved one has a need please contact the parish office at 713-692-9123.
  •  Anointing of the Sick
    The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is offered upon request. In the event of serious illness or hospitalization, please notify the parish office. St. Rose of Lima cares for the sacramental needs of patients in Memorial Herman Northwest, and residents of West Janisch Nursing Home, Brookhollow Heights Nursing Home and Brookdale Nursing Home Contact. If there is an need you may contact the parish office, 713-692-9123.
  •  Baptism

    At this time, Baptisms are being held individually.  Parents should complete the registration form below and call the office to schedule their child's baptism. Because class in person are not currently available, please review and complete the Infant Baptism Preparation Booklet below. 

    Infant Baptism Preparation Booklet Infant Baptism Preparation Booklet (463 KB)

    Baptisms are usually performed on the third Sunday of each month in English and the fourth Sunday in Spanish, except during Lent. Satisfactory completion of Baptism preparation classes is required for parents of infants and young children. The classes are strongly recommended for their Godparents as well. These classes are offered on the first and second Sundays of odd-numbered months (January, March, etc.) Contact the parish office to register for Baptism preparation classes, or download the registration form, complete it and submit it to the parish office. Questions regarding Baptisms can be addressed to Deacon John Murrell at the parish office at 713-692-9123

  •  Reconciliation (First Confession) & Eucharist (First Communion)

    Preparation classes for First Eucharist meet on Sundays throughout the year at 8am in the Parish Hall. These classes are for all students (and their parents) who will be making their First Eucharist this school year. Students must have attended Religious Education Classes or Catholic School for full year prior to registering and be currently enrolled in 2nd grade. Parents are required to participate in this program. Please visit our CCE page for more information and our registration packet.

  •  Confirmation (Adult)
    This six-week adult Confirmation preparation series is offered each year during the Lenten/Easter season. The program is for practicing adult Catholics who regularly attend Mass but for various reasons have not celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation. To be a part of this program you must:
    1. be at least 18 years of age and out of high school before classes begin,
    2. have already made your first Communion and Reconciliation and
    3. if you are married, your marriage must have taken place in the Catholic Church.

    Upon completion of the course, adults are confirmed by a bishop on Pentecost at an Archdiocesan celebration. Contact Deacon John at 713-692-9123 for more details.

  •  Confirmation (Youth)

    Confirmation preparation is a two-year process for high school age youth, normally for children during their 9th and 10th grade years. First-year candidates must be students of a Catholic high school or attend Life Teen classes. All second-year candidates must satisfactorily complete a nine-month period of preparation, offered by the parish. Those who are preparing for Confirmation will be expected to attend certain retreats, mission experiences, and days of prayer, and to participate in service projects and in the life of the parish. Confirmation registrants should be sure to complete Life Teen registration as well.

    Confirmation 1 Registration Confirmation 1 Registration (834 KB)

    Confirmation II Registration Confirmation II Registration (762 KB)

    Contact Youth Director at 713-692-9123 for details.
  •  Funerals

    Whether you’re in need of immediate assistance in making funeral arrangements here at St. Rose of Lima Church due to the death of a loved one or you’d like to pre-plan funeral arrangements for yourself or someone else, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community's staff is ready to assist you.

    Start by simply contacting the Funeral Coordinator of St. Rose Parish either through the parish office or the emergency contact line - after hours and on weekends/office holidays. The coordinator will answer your questions and help prepare the funeral mass, securing necessary ministers and other needs during this journey. You may also contact our Funeral Coordinator Sandi Ward at 713-692-9123.

  •  Marriage

    Marriage in the Catholic Church requires a minimum of six months formal preparation prior to the wedding. In the event of a previous marriage by either party, twelve to fifteen months’ notice should be given. The process starts by completing the Marriage Preparation Form.

    Contact: Deacon Ed Herrera, 832-320-4139.

    Marriage Preparation Series
    This six-week preparatory program for engaged couples is offered at St. Rose each fall and spring. It is designed to give engaged couples the opportunity to review their own plan for living the sacramental life of matrimony. Registration for marriage prep series is done at the Information & Paperwork Session held on the third Tuesday of each month.

    Contact: Deacon Ed Herrera , 832-320-4139.

    Marriage Convalidation
    If you are a Catholic and were married outside of the Church, it may be possible to have your marriage con-validated (blessed) by the Church and to once again be free to receive the sacraments.

    Contact: Deacon Ed Herrera, 832-320-4139

    Natural Family Planning
    N.F.P. is approved by the Catholic Church as an effective way to achieve or avoid pregnancy. The series of three monthly classes is offered at St. Rose twice each year.

    Contact: Joe & Cinda DeVet, 713-683-8544.

    The end of a marriage is a difficult experience and divorce is one of life’s tragedies. Many marriages end in divorce in spite of good intentions and the establishment of a family. The Catholic Church is sensitive to the pain and stress that a failed marital relationship brings to all involved. Call the parish office for more information, or to begin the annulment process.

    Contact: Deacon Ed Herrera, 832-320-4139

  •  RCIA (Adult)

    Interested in becoming a member of the Catholic faith?
    Are you a baptized Catholic who hasn’t received the sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation or Eucharist?
    Want to learn more about the Catholic faith?

    The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which we bring adults into the Catholic faith. Unbaptized adults will come into the faith through the sacrament of Baptism. They will also receive the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. Adults, who have received valid baptism in other Christian faiths, come into the Church by making a Profession of Faith and completing the Initiation Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist.

    Adult RCIA sessions are held on Sundays. We meet in room C of the Administration Building after the 8 am Mass (about 9:15 am). Sessions last until about 11:30 am.

    How Do You Get Started?
    For more information or to register, please call the parish office at 713-692-9123.

    Do you have a relative or friend who might be interested in learning more about the Catholic faith? Reach out to them and extend a personal invitation. The “inquiry” period is a time where those exploring the Catholic faith have an opportunity to ask questions and in a very basic way begin to understand the Catholic faith. At St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community, we conduct four periods of inquiry during the year. If you or someone you care about would like to know more about becoming Catholic, then please join us. There is no ongoing commitment to completion of the entire RCIA process.

    Ultimately those who wish to continue in RCIA will have a personal interview with our liturgical staff to determine the best way to assist each individual. They will be directed into a one- or two-year program, depending on their background. "Inquire Within" sessions are held in January, May, and August. Please contact the parish office for more information about our next session.

  •  RCIA Adapted (Youth)

    RCIA Adapted is for junior high and high school youth only. This is the process, through which unbaptized youth prepare for and reflect on the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation for reception into full communion with the Catholic Church.

    Please contact the parish office for more information.



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