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The Integral formation of the entire Christian youth: Mind, Body and Spirit .


We are moving...our web address!

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School will have a new website address after September 26, 2021.

We will notify you when the new site is live, but please visit www.stroseschool.org after this date for the latest information.



Dear Families,

I am humbled and proud to serve as your Principal for the 2020-2021 school year.

St. Rose of Lima is my home. It is also “home” to over 400 students this year and thousands of alumni. When the school was built in 1947, the foundation of academic excellence and faith formation was established as well. Since then, our graduates included soon – to – be professional athletes, actors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects, designers, and everything in between. Seventy-one years later, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the core academics – excellence in reading, math, religion, art, music, and technology.

We are honored to serve our remarkable students and maintain a vigilant and consistent atmosphere focused on nurturing and a sense of community. Here, we are all family. Each voice matters and every student is a blessing. 

The St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community has deep roots, based on decades of service to our surrounding community. Through all of its years, the #1 subject of the school has been God. Every day, all day, we seek to serve God through service to others, and aim to teach all of our children how to do the same by example and their own acts of service.  Our strong relationships and continuous, open communication underscore everything for which we stand.

The mission of St. Rose of Lima Catholic School is the integral formation of the entire Christian youth – mind, body, and spirit. To fulfill this mission, we require the commitment of amazing teachers and administration. We promise a nurturing and safe environment in which our students will thrive. Finally, we are successful in a community of support alongside families who chose Catholic education because they recognize the value of our community and an education founded in the beliefs instituted by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet over 70 years ago.

Therefore, on behalf of St. Rose of Lima Catholic School, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the thousands of St. Rose alumni out in the world, and over 400 students, faculty, staff, and clergy that walk through our doors daily: Welcome Home.

Yours in service,

Bernadette Lombardo Drabek '75

Bernadette Lombardo Drabek '75. Email