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The Integral formation of the entire Christian youth: Mind, Body and Spirit

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is an advisory and consultative body that assists the Pastor and the Principal in developing goals to meet the School's objectives, policies and action plans.
The purpose of the St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Advisory Committee (SAC) is to assist the Pastor and Principal to identify and recommend policy to guide the educational needs, goals, and aspirations of St. Rose of Lima Catholic School and the School Community. In addition, the SAC is to advise on the effectiveness of the policies of the school.


SAC meets formally once a month (except July and December) in the Administration Building and are open to the community with advance notice. New members are brought on to SAC through the annual discernment process. For more information, please contact Deacon Ed Herrera (eherrera@stroselima.org) or the current SAC president.

Adriane Schultea, President
Email: aschultea@gmail.com

Jamie Bartula, Vice-President
Email: jamielynn30@yahoo.com


Joan Ancy
Email: joanancy3@gmail.com


Erica Falcomata
Email: ericafalcomata15@gmail.com
Kasi Majeres
Email: rmajeres@aol.com


Anthony Neiser
Email: anthonyneiser@aol.com


Cora Rodarte
Email: crodarte89@hotmail.com


Brian Smith
Email: brismith933@gmail.com


Jenny Thompson, Secretary
Email: jennyethompson26@gmail.com


Jacob Wernitznig 
Email: jake1798@gmail.com


Rev. Rafael Becerra, Ex-Officio
Email: frrafa@stroselima.org


Bernadette Drabek, EX-Offico
Email: bdrabek@stroselima.org


Deacon Ed Herrera, Ex-Officio
Email: eherrera@stroselima.org


Chris Hall, Ex-Officio
Email: chall@stroselima.org