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The Integral formation of the entire Christian youth: Mind, Body and Spirit .


We are moving...our web address!

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School will have a new website address after September 26, 2021.

We will notify you when the new site is live, but please visit www.stroseschool.org after this date for the latest information.



St. Rose of Lima Catholic School offers a well-rounded educational program which is enhanced by our ancillary classes that provide instruction in Technology, Music, Art, Library, Physical Education, and Spanish. Introduction and exposure to these subjects can help students find unknown talents, unearth hidden passions, and learn to express themselves.

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School implements technology to enhance learning, engage students and prepare them with the skills to be successful in the next level of education and within their future workforce. Technology such as keyboarding, coding, online research databases and Microsoft Office Suite integrated into the curriculum promotes critical thinking, problem solving and provides communication skills needed to become lifelong learners. With technology in the lab and classrooms, students become good digital citizens in a continuously changing world.

  • Kindles issued to students 4th – 8th grade
  • Smartboards in classrooms 2nd – 8th grade
  • Mobile laptop carts in 5th – 8th grade
  • All classrooms contain ELMO document cameras and projectors for teacher use

Throughout the year, all elementary school grades will be exploring music. In each grade level, students will meet the following standards for music education according to their grade level and ability:

  1. Singing alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.
  2. Performing on instruments alone and with others.
  3. Reading and notating music.
  4. Listening, analyzing, and describing music.
  5. Understanding music in relation to history and culture (music around the world).
  6. Composing and arranging music with specific guideline
  7. Understanding relationships between music and the other arts
  8. Evaluating music and music performance.
  9. Learning Church music (Sacred music).

All grades learn religious music and understanding how music plays a very important role in the liturgy. Third grade and up take turns being the leader and singing for Mass. Third grade learns to play the recorder. Fourth grade and up have the option of joining band. Kindergarten through second grade perform a musical in the Spring. Third through fifth grade perform a musical in the Fall. Middle School can choose from several musical electives, such as: band, choir, ukuleles, or rock band. Students perform at various concerts though out the school year.

Our focus will be upon the vast representation of the arts as they are evident across various subject criteria. Students will explore a multi-disciplinary approach as they learn and experience how art is interrelated in all aspects of our lives and throughout our world. We will additionally learn about specific artists and the techniques they mastered and utilized as well as their role in art history. Students will “age appropriately” apply this knowledge while being introduced to a variety of media through the process of creating. They will enjoy many hands on experiments, activities, and art processes both individually and collectively.

We strive to center our class time on student experimenting with the artistic process while achieving necessary TEKS standards by grade. Exposure to a large variety of materials and mediums just enhances the learning! They will utilize all their senses to create multi-dimensional shapes and forms. This artistic expression will further develop students’ fine and gross motor skills, as well as eye-hand coordination for all ages.

Students will also create pieces for various local competitions, such as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Dog Show, and Academic Rallies.

Each week students from PK3 through the 8th grade visit the library for checking out books, story time, and/or library skills instruction. Flexible scheduling is also available for students to do research with or without teachers.

The goals of the library are to:

  • Encourage a lifelong love for reading and books
  • Collaborate with administrators, teachers and parents to provide best practices in education and basic world knowledge for each child
  • Provide instruction in information literacy through integration of technology and information skills

In our elementary grades, the emphasis is on movement skills and the introduction to games and sports. Here they learn about loco motor movements, non- loco motor skills, object control skills and smooth transitions between sequential motor skills. Daily lessons include how to maintain a healthy body.

Middle School continues to concentrate on many of the elementary skills while adding in the importance of continued active lifestyles. They advance their knowledge of individual sports along with gaining experience on team sports. Daily lessons emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork and how to handle the competitiveness of the athletic world. The Middle School students learn about how to strengthen and improve their bodies, preventing injuries and coping with injury. The goal is to enjoy sport and physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles into adulthood.

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School physical education continues to support fair play, sportsmanship, education and living a healthy lifestyle.

Pre-K through Third Grade Spanish classes learn a basic Spanish vocabulary, greetings, numbers, family members, animals, place to go, and much more! Students reap the well-known cognitive benefits of early world language learning and develop a bigger view of the world.

In grades Fourth and Fifth, students continue their exploration of Spanish by studying sentences structure, nouns, adjectives, articles of verbs and their conjugations. We learn and memorize dialogs in different situations.

In Middle School, students learn new verbs and students are focused on mastering verb conjunctions. We will review previous topics from years passed and study sentences structure in more depth. Our students leave here in 8th grade prepared for high school Spanish!

Spanish curricular goals:

  • To create awareness about the Spanish language and culture.
  • To develop the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish.
  • To enable students to express themselves orally and in writing using Spanish.
  • To enrich the spiritual growth of our students through cultural activities and basic prayers.