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The Integral formation of the entire Christian youth: Mind, Body and Spirit

The Key to the Christmas Season
Edition 17 | 13-Dec-2018

Families, You may have seen this letter before - but it was so well read, I thought I would share it again. Thank you for all that you do! Dear Parents, As my parents are turning older, I am reminded as an adult of the blessings of experiencing a wonderful childhood. As a child, I could remember sitting at the dinner table one day, as chaos darted all around me, as sibling after sibling would ask my Mom a question. “What time is d..Read More.
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord
Edition 16 | 6-Dec-2018

Dear Families, Advent is the time to prepare for the coming of the Lord. It is a Season filled with hope and joy, filled with expectation and preparation. As Catholics, we are called to “clean house” and make room for the Lord in our lives. However, to truly appreciate the gift of faith, we need to unwrap it. I am blessed to be in a community that reminds me of my faith daily. There are many opportunities daily to dig deeper into that..Read More.
With Gratitude
Edition 15 | 29-Nov-2018

Dear Families, I hope to express to you today how grateful we are to all who donated to the St. Rose of Lima Annual Fund during our Day of Giving. Each year families give to the St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Annual Fund Campaign to provide immediate-use funding that goes straight to work for students and the school. This year, we have encountered expenses related to maintaining our roofing over our elementary and middle school cl..Read More.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Edition 14 | 15-Nov-2018

Dear Families, I hope that you will share this letter with your entire family – including Grandparents. We are so thankful for this day. We enjoyed Mass with our Grandparents this morning, and loved when they joined us in the classrooms. I can only imagine that our classrooms look a little different than when they were in school. However, we hope they enjoyed spending time with their grandchildren, writing poems, being interviewed, l..Read More.
Adventures in 5th Grade
Edition 13 | 8-Nov-2018

As many of you know, our 5th Graders embarked on their annual excursion to Camp Kappe, the Archdiocesan Youth Retreat facility this week to focus on environmental education. What is Camp Kappe? And why do we go there? The School of Environmental Education (S.E.E.) is a program of Camp Kappe. The mission of the School of Environmental Education at Camp Kappe is to “bridge the gap between science and faith by providing youth a greater ..Read More.
We hope you enjoyed your stay!
Edition 12 | 01-Nov-2018

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your effort given to this year’s Halloween Festival. It was an amazing stay at Hotel St. Rosylvania this year. While the goal was to raise money to meet the needs of the school’s operating expenses, the biggest impact is always made by the community who stepped up to make it happen. To those of you who help every year and to those who are new this year: Thank You! Our St. Rose Community once ..Read More.
Happy Halloween!
Edition 11 | 25-Oct-2018

As a student here in the seventies, the Halloween Festival was one of the most memorable events I attended. I loved watching my teachers, the school secretaries, the priest and all my friends dress up in costume. This quickly became a tradition for my own family, and continues today for my grandchildren. "Check in" with us TOMORROW NIGHT so you can make your own memories, start your own tradition, and join your friends for an event that p..Read More.
Volunteer for FREE DRESS!!
Edition 10 | 18-Oct-2018

On Friday, October 26 at 5 pm, St. Rose of Lima will open its doors to the Garden Oaks and Oak Forest community and host its Annual Halloween Festival. With every festival, we have the opportunity to represent St. Rose, and show them what it means to be part of St. Rose of Lima's Catholic Community. This fundraiser, attended by hundreds of local families, is a chance to show we are fully invested and present in the neighborhood, and ..Read More.
It's Finally Fall!!
Edition 9 | 11-Oct-2018

THANK YOU for selling those raffle tickets! Tomorrow night is our 2nd Annual Family Hay Ride Event in honor of all our Cardinals who worked so hard to have me sleep in the Pumpkin Patch on October 26, 2018...Read More.
Fall Festivities and Updates
Edition 8 | 04-Oct-2018

Every year since I can remember we have had a HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL. This year, it is no different, other than we have added new games, new rides and a lot more food! A huge THANK YOU to our HALLOWEEN CHAIRS Jessica Lucas and Catie Donohue as we prepare to check in for HOTEL ST. ROSYLVANIA! And THANK YOU to the students who have already reached $100.00 or more in raffle sales. I am getting my hotel robe and slipper ready for a night..Read More.
Open House
Edition 7 | 27-Sep-2018

How wonderful to open our doors to you this week with our Elementary Open House. Our Open House is an opportunity for parents and teachers to have time together, learning about the expectations and ongoing work of a new grade level. The goal of the evening is to explore your classroom with your child, getting a feel for the school. Here is some feedback I got from parents about the event: “… What a motivational, magic..Read More.
Welcome Home!!
Edition 6 | 20-Sep-2018

HOMECOMING was amazing this week! Great Pep Rally, new traditions and a “W’ in the win column for our Cardinal Football Team. Instead of writing a long letter - we will show you HOMECOMING in pictures! As a reminder - students may be OUT OF UNIFORM tomorrow, Friday, September 21, and Middle School Students can celebrate with "Nails and Tails"! Go CARDINALS,..Read More.
Updates from the Diocese
Edition 5 | 13-Sep-2018

Today I must address a heavy issue with a heavy heart. I could find no better words than the words of Archbishop Michael J. Miller, my former colleague and leader in Catholic Education, to address the evil that has found its way in to numerous parishes and ministries across the country. Over the past few weeks, a number of very serious accounts of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church have become public. Like you, I am devastat..Read More.
Welcome to Middle School!
Edition 4 | 06-Sep-2018

This morning we welcomed our new Middle School students to the altar after Mass to receive a special blessing, a handmade bookmark from their parents, and a student Bible to help navigate their Middle School journey. How did we begin this tradition and why? Since 1948, St. Rose of Lima Catholic School has educated students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. However in 1969, our Middle School merged with several others in..Read More.
The Value of Prayer
Edition 3 | 30-Aug-2018

Through prayer, we build our individual relationship with God. As we met this past week with a group of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Parents for Tuesday Talks, they requested a list of common prayers that are used in the classroom on a daily basis. In the book, Walking with Saint John Paul II, 30 Days with a Great Spiritual Leader, Saint John Paul II discusses prayer in terms of daily reflection. Each daily reflection is accompa..Read More.
Teachers Tell All!
Edition 2 | 23-Aug-2018

We had the opportunity to speak to parents of grades 1 through 4 this week during our first Tuesday Talks session. We had a lively discussion, opening the floor to question from the parents. The recurring question was, “How can I assist my child with homework?” Last year, we had our own Emily Clay, 3rd Grade teacher and Intervention Specialist, present on this very subject. The title of the presentation was, Teacher’s Tell All: The H..Read More.
Welcome Home, Cardinals!
Edition 1 | 17-Aug-2018

Welcome to the 2018 – 2019 school year! This year we welcomed 368 students through our doors filled with promise, faith, and excellence. As we grow as a community, I am always moved by the first days of school. As the classrooms and breezeways are bursting with energy and progress, there’s many days to fill with small victories and major successes. Our theme this year is “Live the Day, do what you can, for the Glory of God.” Why ..Read More.